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I am a professional freelance photographer, digital product designer and consultant. I have been working as some form of designer, communications director, company owner, code flunky or something similar for the last 14 years. I have worn many hats, which means I know a bit about how they fit and which ones look silly when worn together.

I am usually in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but I can be found most anywhere on the globe. The photos showcased on this site come from locations around the world I have visited or worked from over the last several years. I do much of my consulting work remotely, and am open to partnering with clients in both photography and consulting just about anywhere.

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My background in communications and design means I know what works in an image, both aesthetically and commercially. There is, after all, a difference between art and design. They overlap, but knowing the difference is crucial. My years of creative work informs my photography when on assignment, helping me get in my editor's head to know what is needed in the finished layout before I go on location.

I shoot a wide variety of subjects, from astrophotography and landscape to travel and portraiture. My personal work tends toward vivid, immersive images. Every shot is about inviting the viewer in to a understanding of their world.

Oh, and I don't shoot weddings. Never say never, but for your special day, you should hire someone who really, really knows weddings. Everyone will be happier, and you will get amazing pictures.

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Digital Consulting

As a digital product consultant, I draw on years of experience building, designing and deploying print and digital products. Most of my work has been around internal communications, processes and tools for corporations and non-profits, though I have worked on front-end, customer-facing web products too. (Like this one!) I write some front-end code, and work closely with developers to guide the whole process from first proposal to final product.

My consulting practice focuses on helping companies build, buy and use better digital products. I do roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty in code eitors and Photoshop, but I spend most of my time advising, building processes, organizational understanding and internal communications strategies to help get products out the door.

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